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A New Method for Access Control and Authentication
“It's only in your head!”

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a simple concept - powerful results
no need to memorize or write down complicated words or phrases
passwords cannot be forgotten and need not be changed after initial setup
passwords cannot be shared - your presence is required
password entry can be performed openly - each access requires a different password
ideally suited for touch screens - no typing required
phishing, keylogging, dictionary attack proof
no extra hardware required
culture independent
Introduction to CerebraLock (Video)  15 minutes of non-stop action :-) The orange item unmasked.
CerebraLock Online Demo  Give it a try!
Cerebra(Door)Lock  Watch a one-minute video of a real world implementation.
CerebraLock App for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®.
Secure Data Storage & Exchange and Password Management.

encryption keeps your data secure at all times
uses the CerebraLock method to access and manage private encryption keys
import data from other apps, cameras, music, video and photo libraries
password manager - store user ids and passwords for websites for easy access
search your documents by keyword; filter by data type
exchange encrypted data with others via SMS, e-mail, AirDrop or your own server
CerebraLock App Documentation
The CerebraLock app comes with extensive documentation.
Check it out!
Interested in licensing, evaluating, porting to other platforms, server implementation?
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